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MIZUDA is committed to fostering a corporate culture——
The board of directors and all staff to follow the direction of socialist advanced culture, to profess and practice of payment of the values and behavior.
To follow the trend of the times, reflecting the business characteristics of the outcome of material and spiritual civilization;
Is built around enterprise development strategy and production, operation and management activities undertaken by the core values and ideals, the image recognition system, employee code of conduct, management systems and enterprise-building spirit of the comprehensive embodiment.
Culture   Values   Identity   Conduct   Mass activities
MIZUDA Corporate Culture: Four System Components table integration, complementary system
Values system——Master building of enterprise culture, entrepreneurial spirit of the soul, full follow values.
Image recognition system——Corporate image logo, to join the market competition, identification symbols, entrepreneurship, culture, physical and chemical characterization.
Code of Conduct System——Loyal to the cause of professional ethics rules for the team struggles, interpersonal norms scale.
Mass activities system——Strengthen leadership and organizational guarantee, full participation in the activities of carriers, social responsibility of the Action Agenda.
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